quicnic is a futuristic and syntheticized reinterpretation of fast food, based on picnic in nature – wide, open spaces within the city, artificial idylls of recreation, implemented into the hectic surroundings of urban activity

photos from our booth at the diningdesign exhibition in milano

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supervision: werner aisslinger
stefan legner

quicnic team:
laura bernhardt
benedikt achatz
tom förderer
bastian goecke
johannes marmon
johannes müller
kilian schindler
martin sprekelsen
moritz willborn

quicnic in the press
have a look at the ever-growing archive of (online) press reviews of the quicnic project.

thanks to magis and arch. marco frignani for support and the realisation of various elements of the concept during the whole project.
thanks for supporting us with the realisation of the quicnic-basket
thanks for supporting us with floor element material
thanks for supporting us with advertising space
thanks for supporting us with quicnic-grass-blade material
thanks for lightspeed realisation and support manufacturing the grass blades
thanks for supporting us with loudspeakers and cables
thanks for supporting us with apron material

thanks for supporting us with material for display elements
thanks for photography

[a project by students of Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe]
supervising professor: Prof. Werner Aisslinger | assistant: Stefan Legner
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